Introduction: A lifetime of unforgettable events…

One family reveals their lifelong, deep-rooted, stories of sightings and encounters with many different Paranormal Elementals. The book and stories begin with the father of the family back when he was just a teenager living in New Jersey. Life back then was all about getting by and trying to focus on happy days. A person can never know the future or how many stories there will be to be told decades down the road. Most people think of “a normal life” as starting the day with a morning breakfast and watching the news, going off to work or school for the day, making friends and doing recreational activities, hobbies, and fulfilling personal interests along the way. Sometimes, though, the universe can steer you onto a strange and unusual path. No one ever thinks that they are going to be a victim in their lifetime, and something like 97% of the religious believers of the world pray that they never encounter anything sinister.

It just so happens that this family, a father, mother, and daughter have been victims throughout their entire lives. Not victims of violent crimes, but of a paranormal epidemic that plagued them with sightings, encounters, and hauntings that not only haunted them, but followed them for a lifetime. No matter where they went or what they did, given a little time the Paranormal Elementals always found them. They moved all around America, never staying in one place too long, always trying to find that perfect place, their Utopia, but repeatedly the Paranormal Elementals would always be there waiting. This book covers a span from the early 1950’s to 2020.


The purpose of the book is not only to reveal the truth about how the events have shaped the lives and travels of this family, but to also serve as an eye opener, to let you as the reader know what is really out there. Everything you are about to read is entirely true, with firsthand statements by each family member who witnessed and took part in events involving the strange and mysterious realm of the Paranormal Elementals. Bigfoot, ghosts, aliens, unknown entities, poltergeists, demons and angels all really do exist. All names have been omitted from this book to retain the privacy of the family. As you go back in history through these pages, you will come to learn why they choose to remain anonymous and to be only informative. You will be transfixed and awed at the unbelievable events that have tormented as well as opened the minds of this family. What started out as their ordinary world ultimately ended up becoming a mysterious and frightening place to live day in and day out, leaving them always wondering, fearing, anticipating what is next. In seeking to understand and document the pattern of these events, they realized they had to go back to the beginning.

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