Real Stories Submitted By Real People

Story by Melody Lane

This story takes place in 2018 during the summer at my house. I was entering my bedroom getting ready to call it a day and something at my window, which faces the back yard, caught my eye. It was late evening, but the night sky hadn't completely gone dark yet, and there was a deepening blue back-light over the hedge line along the edge of the yard. At first I thought someone was peeking in my window, and I very clearly saw a face and two hands up on the glass. I stopped and stared right at it and what it was was a pure white ghostly figure! It was floating, and like a delicate fabric in a slight breeze, it seemed to be rippling. As soon as I saw it, it too reacted as surprised to see me. It opened it mouth in a silent "Ah!" as it pushed off of the window, dipped it's head to the side, and did a ghostly swoop and swish up and away into the night sky. I rushed to the window, rubbing my chilled arms, and glanced all around but the ghostly figure was gone. I stayed up late many nights afterwords, afraid that it would come back, just laying in bed staring at that window. Eventually, the fear faded, and I stopped expecting to see it again. It never returned.